The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

The Sleeper of 2005?

In the midst of a conversation I thought "Hm, I wonder what happened to Lou Diamond Phillips?" The answer is that he's in a forthcoming film called The Sweet Science which is about a hard-nosed boxing manager (Phillips) who teams up with an unknown female boxer (Mariah Carey) to achieve success and make a name for them both.

While you're choking on the idea of Mariah Carey as a boxer I should point out that the film also stars Donald Trump and actual real boxer Laila Ali.

Now this may just seem like an opportunity for a couple of cheap jokes and then a movie to resolutely avoid, but think for a moment. This may be your chance to pay $10 and see Mariah Carey get the shit beaten out of her by a professional boxer, like this:


I think they may have a surprise hit on their hands.
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