The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
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What's in my bag?

It's mostly mendel's fault but brianenigma and loose_joints helped. So, now I have to do my own bag thing.

Contents of bag:
  • IBM T22 laptop
  • Power supply for laptop
  • Orinoco wireless card
  • Modem/phone cable
  • Small Mag-Lite flashlight
  • Altoids
  • Four old pay stubs
  • Canon S330 digital camera
  • Extra battery and charger for camera
  • Letter from AAA saying I can upgrade my membership (should send that in)
  • Box of matches
  • 20 or so of my business cards that I never use
  • My airplane ticket from December
  • A map of Philadelphia (I do not live in Philadelphia)
  • A Rotring Initial fountain pen
  • A cheap set of "earbud" headphones
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