The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Hey you emo-doers! Cut out all that emo!

First, geeky sadness:

Jared related tonight that in his computer programming class at IVC, where they are teaching him Pascal, the instructor has done the following:

  • Written a test question that implied that source files are converted into object files by the text editor, and graded it as if this was true.

  • Written a homework problem in which one is given three of five variables and told to solve the problem, with two of the variables undefined; one turned out to be user input but this was not specified. As given the problem could not be solved.

  • Written another test question in which the student is supposed to say which of the statements a,b,c,d,e are true and which are false, but none of them were true and this option was not one of the answers one could give.

  • Asserted that Pascal is an object-oriented language.

In the world of actual software development, it was discovered today that a compiler that unlinks /dev/null is a bad thing.

Second, food:

Chicken with spicy peanut sauce + sticky white rice + sauteed whole tiny sweet peppers = winner. Café latte with grit in it = loser.

Third, love:

Camera pans slowly over junkyard, taking 15 minutes or so to go past rusted engine blocks and exhausts, rotted out seats, and heaps of tin foil and bolts, finally coming to rest on a pudgy fortyish man, bald and hawk-nosed, sitting naked on a plastic lawn chair. He is holding up a sign saying “Nope, no luck!”
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