The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Rarggh thieves

Some waste of space got my CC number and tried to buy an HP laptop with it. Transaction went through (almost $1400) but then HP caught it, reversed it, and called me. Thank you, HP. Bank also had flagged it as suspicious was on their way to the phone so to speak.

So now I have to change my CC# and a million other things but it looks like I'm not out $1400, which is pretty cool since there wasn't that much in the account anyway.

What no one can tell me is what to do if I want law enforcement to hunt this creature down and kill it. I guess I'll start with the local police.

They're wise not to give me the contact information for Mr. Loser, though. There are some things worse than being arrested for credit card fraud.
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