The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban


I bought the wrong replacement carafe for my coffee maker today. This is a consumer crisis because I am addicted to coffee like you would not believe and I only have this tiny little Bodum which I must detonate like dynamite several times to get the monkey on my back to sleep. This is a tiny problem that affects me more than it should.

My shrink thing was excellent today. This “EMDR” thing is actually starting to show results; I’m able to get more done and I’m less weepy and pathetic. Let’s hear it for Science.

Does anyone know anything about language courses on audio? I’d like to learn more Spanish and I can’t really swing the night school thing. Recommendations cheerfully accepted.

“Asian pears” are really, really good.

Can I be Umberto Eco when I grow up?
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