The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Song without words or song or really anything much.

I met a nice young woman tonight, 18 years old and going to both high school and community college. Her boyfriend is a Marine and he’s in Fallujah. I wonder if he’ll come home? And what he’ll be like? I hope it all turns out okay but it’s a heartbreak.

I was listening to Guadalcanal Diary’s fine serial killer song “Please Stop Me” and I realized that my favorite line in the song, which is “Find yourself in Georgia with a pitchfork through your head” is not on the album version. Either they only did that line live, or I invented it. I sure hope it’s the former!


Substitute “lunch” for “love” in all pop songs.

Substitute “bozo” for “cyber” everywhere.

Substitute “emo” for “evil”.

I’m off to watch Resident Emo and have some bozosex.
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