The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

The social rank of language in these here united states

  1. Senior managers take pride in their inability to write clearly; it shows that they do not have to do work.

  2. Reading, like religion, is now an activity reserved for children, women, and the old. Men in their prime do not read books.

  3. People who speak in complete sentences or, worse, entire paragraphs are labeled as "foreign", "possibly homosexual" (if male), or "stuck up".

  4. People who do not read well or speak clearly, but are either wealthy or very religious, are regarded as being wiser than writers or readers.

  5. Poetry has been dead for almost 100 years.

  6. Short short stories, vignettes, and blogs are the largest pieces of text that anyone under 50 wants to consume.

  7. Dialogue in film has been replaced with sound effects.

  8. Inarticulate illiteracy is mistaken for sincerity.
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