The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

scratched on the cell wall

If your ship is sinking very slowly, you may not be constantly reminded of the problem, but periodically you’ll see that the water is higher, and the list is more pronounced, and things are a bit slower. But it’s so slow! You forget that it’s a continuous process, and hallucinate stability.

The progress of my life is like this. Every day I get a bit further from what I need, and a bit closer to death, and every day it gets a little bit harder to win the game.

Forty meant more than other ages because I’m that joke about loser guys: the lonely 40-year-old. I’m doomed to failure because I failed in the past, and I don’t get any do-overs. The people around me by contrast make me Malvolio, Cyrano, Aqualung.

From the bridge I can see the deck boards starting to float a bit, and the running lights are flickering.

I want out, but there’s nowhere to go.
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