The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

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mother shitter! son of ass!

Hello. I am currently at work watching the COPS New Year's Marathon, brought to you by Smallpox an FX Channel Event.

I am at work because of a manager's "comfort level". "Comfort level" is modern business language for "I do not care about the actual situation or a rational response to it, but I wish to exert my authority and show that you are the less powerful primate."

I am here because of the college football bowl games but I am not watching them. The only thing I like about college football is the 30 seconds of footage of cute cheerleaders, and I like that about 2 on a 10 scale.

Oh! And I like the part where some wretched shithole of a college like Miami of Ohio or Auburn shows their mini documentary on how actual academic programs exist there in which students wear glasses and are perhaps Asian.
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