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Mormon Cheerleader Sex Disaster

So, during tonight's conversation the subject of the local Mormons came up. W. perked up and said "Oh, there were 7 Mormon girls on the cheerleading squad when I was a cheerleader. They were insane. They did stuff I still won't do now!"

W: Okay, so we were like.. 14. And this girl came to me and said "I am going to have to confess something at church tonight!" and I thought okay, she kissed a boy. No. Se said "Well I gave him a blow job and then he fucked me in my ass and THEN he wanted to come in my mouth!!1!! and I let him!!!" And I just said "Look don't ever share your sex life with me any more!"

It's a miracle these kids didn't all die of a combination of STDs, alcohol poisoning, and vehicle omnicide.
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