The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Without a doubt, it was bazzrasm this is another fish fizz sure in the recrume.

Birthday roundup: realitylost kindly took me to dinner. redmaenad gave me a neato cookbook and kramarsky sent me a book of grisly crime scene photos. I got a book of Calvinist humor from my brother. My mother gave me an Oscar Wilde quote shirt and a Masada CD. I got a really nice French dinner at Pascal.

And I got the most useless iPod accessory ever from friendly_bandit!

It's all very nice and almost worth the feeling I get when I think about where I am in life and how old I am!

Oh, and speaking of the above I got some good whisky too. Mm Glenmorangie.

I've been trying to read Murakami's book about the Aum cult gas attacks in Tokyo but it's so very sad, it's hard to read it very long. It's an oral history and the stories are very affecting.

I am dissociated and bitchy. Not sure why.

I read about five or six of Virginia Woolf's essays this week. She writes so lucidly, not a word out of place, that it makes me ashamed to have ever typed a thing.
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