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4 ton vehicle + beer + idiots + the sea, the sea, the mighty sea = COMEDY GOLD

From today’s Los Angeles Times

Waves Claim an SUV, With Drinking Reported

An illegally parked sport-utility vehicle with several people inside drinking beer was pulled into the surf by a strong tide early Monday, officials said.

No one was injured when the SUV was washed into the surf about 12:50 a.m. The car was towed out of the surf, officials said.

The SUV’s occupants were cited for driving on the beach.

Probably related to the asshole I saw doing 70 on the Irvine Avenue S-curves tonight in a full-sized Dodge pickup in the wet.

Proposal: License any vehicle over a certain weight as a commercial truck, instead of doing so by number of axles. Do I hear an aye?
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