The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Spyware: a question

If you run Windows, you have spyware nowadays. More technically knowledgeable users who avoid Internet Explorer and take other precautions have less of it, but no one is immune. Spyware not only violates the privacy of computer users, but also cripples the operating system and software. Infected machines run slowly, crash often, and behave unpredictably. Frequently, even experienced technical professionals must reinstall their operating system completely and lose data.

Spyware is distributed by marketing agencies in well-run Western countries who operate legally.

Now, if I broke into a computer system run by a corporation and installed resource-hungry privacy-violating software that sent me information about their behavior, corrupted data, caused system failures, and all of the above, I would be guilty of a felony in the U.S. Doing this to systems that could threaten lives if they failed could make me eligible for the charge of industrial terrorism.

So, legally constituted corporations within the reach of my country's laws are committing felonies on a grand scale. And considering the number of Windows computers that are attached to control systems which, if they failed, could cause death and destruction, it's likely that they are also committing industrial terrorism.

Obviously someone is being paid off here. Does anyone have pointers to information on this?

Also, why hasn't some enterprising populist politician here in the U.S. taken this as a crusading issue? There's political capital to be made from all those enraged small business owners and home computer users who are being terrorized by this garbage.
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