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On the freeway just now I was cut off by the typical big raised pickup, and the guy had trucknutz. I wonder if I should start making large sagging misshapen breasts to stick on minivans in retort? By the way, gals: " is looking for 12 hot ladies to model for the calendar next year."

The worst pervo site ever is boytaur. As much as I am super tolerant of other people's fetishes, etc etc, these people need to be cleansed with fire. Mostly because of the bad photoshopping, though, I think.

The other day on the way home there was a big tanker truck from Praxair in front of me. They ship things like liquid gases. A large hissing roaring fountain of STUFF was coming off the top of the truck and the guy was pulling off the freeway. I really hope it was just liquid nitrogen cooking off.

I got the rest of the complete works of Scenic in the mail from Parasol. I'm so happy! I thought Incident at Cima was going to be impossible to find. Not only do I love that surf/Morricone/spanish desert atmospheric thing they do, but as I keep forgetting my friend Mark is in the band, and he's not only a great guitar player but a nice guy too. Ferdinand is playing this weekend; maybe I'll see him and I can give him a big HUG or something.

This is your Captain shrieking courtesy of marm0t.

Tonight is the company holiday party. It's at the lot, so lots of security will be present, strip search, metal detector in my hoohoo, etc. I hope the hors d'oeuvres are worth it.

One of my mom's friends just dropped dead, and under depressing circumstances too. I bought mom some Almond Roca last night and made her cry (in a good way). Turns out that's what her dad always bought her as a special gift as a kid.

I have discovered my least favorite music: Christmas R&B. You know, the kind of too many yodelly notes fuck-me R&B? Except Christmasy. OOOOOHOHOHOWOWOWWO BAAAAYBEEE IT'S CHRISTMAAAAS AND YOOUUUOUOUOUO AREN'T HEEEEEREEREEEREEE fuck you shuddup. MC Grinch is in the house, bring on the noise, none of that pussy shit for me.

Last item: Walnut gorgonzola tortellini rule.
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