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Stigma stigma I've got a stigma

For the longest time I've had this recurring itch on my right foot, on top, almost to the toes. Especially at night it itches, but there's never been any red spot or anything, so I just put it down to either a sign of oncoming spinal disease or Shit Happens.

Last week it was really itching like crazy and I rubbed it to make the itching go away. Instead, a wound opened. Just like that, right in the middle of my foot. It's been there for several days now.

I'm not sure what the medical significance is of this (the thing is healing up and still itching), but it's obvious that I now have my first stigma, and I'm on the way to sainthood. I just need the other foot, both hands, and one in my side and BAM! a full set of stigmata.

Just so y'all can say you knew me.
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