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a banner with a strange device

Southern California is such an odd place. When I come back here I always have this feeling I should get my money changed or something. Palm trees, and miasma, and suburbs. Only I'm from here, so I ought not to find it foreign. Especially when the journey was just 400+ miles north to another part of the same state.

San Francisco is an amazing city. Reminds one of what cities could or should be. Then again, it costs something like $1000 per second to live there.

Does anyone remember what those plants are called that grow in coastal areas and marshes and look kind of like paintbrushes? Tall and slender with a puffy feathery brush thing at the top. It's driving me nuts. (arr)

My east coast relatives (Brother, sis in law, nephew) are here this week. Holiday, dead baked bird, outings, etc. MAN THE SEROTONIN!!
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