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Before opening the package please take the time to familiarize yourself with the safety information in detail. It is important to charge the device for at least twelve hours before first use. The M1981A differs from the M1981 primarily in the quantity of explosive used and the resultant maximum range of lethality. Always back up your data before installing this or any other similar system.

Those upgrading from versions less than 2.5 should read README-UPGRADE immediately. Care must be taken to avoid contact with an open flame during this portion of the refueling procedure. The cone-shaped area projecting ahead of the engine in the diagram shows the zone of danger. Due to the possibility of pressurized fluids, it is important to face away from the system when removing the seals. Do not look directly at the device while it is active.

After attaching the stabilizing legs, stop and verify that all nine bolts have been tightened and that the entire system is resting evenly on the floor. Pulling back sharply on the control stick may cause uncontrollable pitching and vibration; a slow deliberate movement is recommended. If the pressure on any of the gauges exceeds the red line on the gauge, notify a supervisor and begin blowoff procedures immediately.

The hatch may only be considered sealed when all three notification lights are green. If this is not the case, the crew chief must suspend flight operations until this is rectified. Do not force the card into the slot; resistance indicates that there is a mismatch. Systems in the “vital to patient survival” column must be powered by the red outlets. Chain all cylinders.

Disconnecting the cable during data transfer may result in corruption or loss of data. Before starting the main engines, be sure that the bilge is properly ventilated. In case of both the primary and secondary control systems losing power, manual control must be employed per section 35.8 of the Operating Manual.


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