The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Midnight in the Garden of Bert and Ernie

The cool damp fall weather gives our usually hazy Southern California air a Flemish clarity, making all the edges of things stand out and showing textures as though through a microscope. The heaps of ash from the cigar guys on the patio, the melted and splattered advertising flyer on my lawn, the scratches on my car, all of it larger than life.

Tonight, Movie Guy Dan said "My money's on the toothless kid".

There was a guy with a shaved head and black-rimmed glasses and a CBGB T-shirt playing the usual crap acoustic versions of classic rock songs at D's tonight. His special twist was a miniature light show of multicolored bulbs right in front of him.

At Wingsters, a restaurant that specializes in chicken wings, they added a 31st flavor. It's Orange Cilantro Spice.
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