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I made sweet potato pie again, this time for real to bring to the party. It is cooking. Thanks to stimps for the fine pumpkin pie recipe which was easy to adapt. I put crystallized ginger in and used pumpkin pie spice for the other spices, but otherwise it was the exact same recipe. 3-4 sweet potatoes make an appropriate amount of goo.

Hope the darned rain comes soon, I hate this tantalizing "storm on the way" feeling.

I cannot stop listening to DJ Drank's Greatest Malt Liquor Hits. Also having a serious Killing Joke/X back to 1982 vibe, which pleases me. Maybe after a day of punk & socially irresponsible hip hop I will go back to the calm of bebop.

I think tomorrow is Art Museum Day, assuming my pager doesn't go off!
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