The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

In case you all weren't clear

I’m not a Christian any more because that word in my country now means ignorant, bloodthirsty, hate-filled hypocrite and nothing more. The five of you who aren’t, I apologize.

I don’t tolerate Republicans or “conservatives” or any of that shit because you support the ideology and the party and the people who hate me, who want me and my friends dead, who say that I’m not American, and who want to strip us all of our civil rights and send us to concentration camps. This is not hyperbole; I’ve seen it all said by people in power.

My country is under occupation by a hostile power that seeks a theocracy and the abrogation of the Constitution, war without end, and the destruction of the middle class. No one who makes less than a half million a year benefits from them financially and no one who believes in the Enlightenment ideals of our country’s founders has any business agreeing with their ideas.

It’s total war now. I reject your god of conquest, your worship of wealth, your hate of everyone different or weak, and your ignorance.

Come and fucking get it and find out what armed liberals are like. .40 hollowpoints kill right-wingers too.
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