The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Dog Guy and the Irvine Cops

dogguy-irvine, originally uploaded by conradh.

He's no longer the homosexual terrorist of Central Orange County. He's now an IT consultant and an extremely patriotic cop-fan and gadfly critic of the Irvine City Budget. See for details.

His caption for this photo:

Who says you can't make new Friends while Fighting City Hall...

Recently while attending a Reception put on by The Great Park of Orange County Conservancy, an astute Photographer took advantage of what was possibly the best Photo Opportunity of the evening.

Shown are David S.Harvey, "Papucho", the Tax and Spend Watchdog, Two of Irvine's Finest Police Officers, and "Larry", my latest prized possession, an Official Great Park of Orange County Squirrel, named after Larry Agran, the Mayor of Irvine.

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