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Blurgh, I'm getting a cold.

Good meal at Pescadou tonight with realitylost. Onion soup, blanquette de veau.

I spent a fair amount of time today working on some scripts for work, and a fair amount of time chasing the cat around the house. Now she’s asleep so I can finish up the scripts. Unfortunately I just got a cold. Hope you didn’t get it too, Susie.

I just finished reading Double Down, by Steven and Frederick Barthelme. Recommended. It’s the account of two brothers, writers and professors at a college in Mississippi, who became obsessive gamblers and lost a quarter million dollars at the boats down there. They were eventually charged with felony blackjack cheating. Quite a story in its own, and the heartbreak of their family and upbringing is woven into the story beautifully. I had always thought that Donald Barthelme, the famous short story writer, was their father, but he was just a much older brother.

I received no less than five (5) disturbing weblinks today from a combination of odradak, bruisedhips, and one other person. Thanks, team!
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