The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban


Courtesy zebulon_y we have possibly the worst dating service concept yet. I thought the "regular" services were basically neurosis farms, but this is going to be Distilled Essence of Trouble.

Ideally they'd use some type of patented DSM-IV/Dewey Decimal sorting algorithm to match people but of course, just like the rest of life, the ill-fitting people are going to meet each other.

I've known several crazy couples that worked fine, because they were understanding of each others' crazy and aware of their own. I think the outcome of this service will be different.

Also, let's now light a candle and think good thoughts about whomever does customer service there. For now, I'll be posting my ad:

SWM, 39 seeks SWF 25-45. I'm depressive and messy with intimacy issues. You're cold, withdrawn, and harshly critical. Let's make beautiful music together! No fatties, coke whores, or dissociative psychotics. I enjoy pets, travel, and weeks-long spirals of self-loathing and suicidal ideation. If you have sharps privileges and have been an outpatient for a while, give me a call!
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