The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Ok, we know you kids are pranksters!

But who's been lasering the hell out of commercial airlines! Someone could get his eye put out. Seriously why isn't that front page news? La-sers and terror and planes oh my.

I really like the SK2. It fits better in the pocket, has great reception, and has a camera. So now I have a better internet device and I don't need a cheap digicam any more. Yay.

There are currently two classes of problem in my life: ones that with careful attention and proper technique I can slowly solve, and huge monoliths of doom that resist all attempts at amelioration. I wish that the monoliths weren't the two most important things to me.

Many of my friends are moving places. I realize that this is because they're at turning points in their lives where it makes sense to physically move. This is about the third set of friends that has gone on with their lives; I remain, the still center of an unchanging world.

I want to gay-marry John Zorn.
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