The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

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catchy subject headline, usually a popular culture reference

Opening line in the form of a narrative hook or introductory statement about my day.

A few descriptive sentences about routine things, often very similar to previous entries. Exposition of day’s events, including items or people seen that seemed unusual. Situation or item described here that will be used later in entry.

Plaintive remarks about one or more of the following: work-related stress or overwork; inappropriate impossible crush on woman at least ten years younger than I; illness; social anxiety; poor self-image and loathing of my own appearance and behavior; age and oncoming death.

Humorous aside, with ironic and dark flavor.

Epigrammatic and occasionally lapidary punch line with links both to subject line and item referenced above, usually also tying in opening line.
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