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What's the Greek for "Deer Hunter"? via Warren Ellis

Russian roulette tragedy


A GREEK soldier standing guard outside an Olympic venue north of Athens was shot dead by a colleague during a game of Russian roulette early today, police said.

The soldier, Antonis Syros, 25, received a gun shot to his head from Christos Chloros, 20, a cadet policeman.

Police said in a written statement that Syros and Chloros had been “jokingly” aiming at each other with their guns when Chloros’ revolver went off.

According to a police source, the two men had been playing Russian roulette.

The incident occurred at 4.10am outside a camp in the forest of Mount Parnitha, where mountain bike athletes and officials are staying.

Another cadet policeman, Costas Tobras, and a soldier due to relieve Syros as guard were also present. The two cadet policemen were arrested and will be brought before a prosecutor.

The four security officers are part of a $2 billion security grid to protect athletes and officials from extremist attacks. More than 100,000 security forces are involved in the operation.
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