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I'll replace your drunk old man, sit in the parking lot and hold your hand.

This evening realitylost took me out to dinner. She's really nice to me. It was at Billy's which is entirely inhabited by 50something or older red-faced supertanned people in hawaiian shirts. People-watching there is like thumbing through a Ralph Steadman book. Their fish and chips is good.

Insert here a blank period at D's.

Went to Detroit Bar to see Richard Swift, who is damned good. I don't understand why he isn't already all over the radio. Very nice smart smooth stuff, good songs. I was seriously impressed. Someone make this guy a rockstar. explosivo you there? ;)

I met rebel_swede there for about ten minutes. The DJ played "I Just Stopped By To See What Condition My Condition Is In" which is my favoritest bad psychedelic song. Then I congratulated her on it later but it was the wrong DJ. I think she hates me now.

the_idiot_heart and I stood near the entrance for quite some time watching the show, Quadrophenia on the bar TV, and the crowd simultaneously. I swear hipsters are like Lego kits, they're interchangeable. Hey I put the frazzly hair on top of the camo jacket but I used the mod skinny pants and pointed shoes this time and it worked! Now I'm going to make one with the dyed red hair and the Far Side Lady glasses, the sparkly top, and the miniskirt and use those combat boots I had left over from the Punk Girl set! That rules!

At one point a cop came in looking for someone and departed in disgust. I don't think he liked mix and matching this Lego set.

After the_idiot_heart left I spent some time enjoying the music and gazing longingly at various beautiful, beautiful, beautiful women. Then I came home. On the way back I hit every green light on 19th street, perfectly timed, and didn't stop until I got to the 4-way at Fullerton across the Boulevard. This was, in fact, the most satisfying moment of my day.
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