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Let justice roll down like water, and salsa verde like a mighty stream

maciej: I think there is some passage in Ecclesiastes about taquitos
confound: pulling your taquitos out of a ditch on the sabbath
ignatz: Balaam and the taquitos
maciej: take the taco out of your own eye before pointing to the taquito in your brother’s eye
ignatz: Jonah and the Burrito Especial
maciej: three days inside the butterwhale
Zim: thou shalt have no other taquitos before me
Bufando: huevos nebuchadnezzaros
ignatz: And Jacob said “The Lord was in this place, and I knew it not, and He took my nachos.”
maciej: and behold, the angel opened the seventh seal, and there was some fresh guacamole
ignatz: consider the carnitas of the field. they toil not, they spin not, but solomon in all his glory couldn’t make a pork burrito that freakin good.
maciej: feast of the unleavened churros
ignatz: marking your door with salsa so the angel will pass over you
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