The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Hypocrisy is the debt vice pays to virtue, and your latest payment is 60 days overdue.

The patron sinner of inconsistency is back to shine up her latest icon, gold paint everywhere. No one admits to having got out the violins. Katy does in fact lie, but you can’t see it in her eyes, try lower. The only true Van Halen is the one with David Lee Roth and everyone knows that in their heart. The experience is transparently surreal, like waking up to hear footsteps you don’t recognize in your own house.

It’s great to go visit fuzzy friendly things but what if the petting zoo came to your house?

It’s time we all admitted that the telephone is a form of psychosis.

It’s the subject and the object is you. What if you heard someone drowning and yelling and you didn’t help? What if you did that every morning? Cats aren’t an art form, they’re just creatures that live near you. It’s a damned good thing no one I know has superpowers.

Although I have not thrown my hands in the air, I can definitively say that I just don’t care.
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