The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban


I went out after dinner for my usual hour or two at D's only to see three cop cars parked across the street. That's unusual here. As I was pulling out I passed a few cops in the street, including one with a dog, and then two more cop cars around the corner. For a neighborhood where crime consists of a missing bicycle from an open garage, this was a lot of cop muscle.

It's likely that V. got in trouble again somehow. He gets high and/or drunk and belligerent and I know he's not supposed to be at his parents' house, which is around the corner. I think he's fought the police before too. He's a big burly guy, worked as a meat cutter, and I wouldn't be surprised if they needed the dog to take him down.

It's still odd to think of the kid I played with when we were both 5 being this drunk, drugged out wreck of a man.
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