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Double meat? Hmm... let's see about that

Today, our hosting provider at work decided to give the IP address of our great big fileserver machine to another machine, too. For those of you who don't do this kind of work, that's like assigning the same phone number to two people. Chaos followed, with earsplitting clown music playing.

Speaking of earsplitting, Tile Guy is currently doing the moldings which involves short loud episodes of sawing at irregular intervals and occasional surprisingly loud bangs. I think I am going insane. There, good, I am insane now.

I'm reading Wendy Kaminer's Sleeping With Extraterrestrials which is another pretty good but disappointing attack on the New Irrationalism. She has a finer hand and a more sympathetic eye, but it still ends up being 250 pages of Stuff Wendy Can't Stand, rather than a nice tight organized argument for or against a particular view of the world. I wish she had concentrated more on official insanity like police use of psychics or the acceptance of various mad beliefs in the medical and mental health fields.

And now, I quote the immortal Schwern, who wrote in a haiku about summer years ago:

It's too fucking hot
Living in a hot, wet sponge
It's too fucking hot
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