The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

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Shall I compare thee to a protective railing?

I think I got a raise. It's hard to tell because it's pretty small, but my take home increased on the automatic transfer.

Hilary Duff left a message on my voice mail today.

I am currently outside in the back yard and shirtless in order to deal with this weather, which is more appropriate to Louisiana than Southern California.

I have an idea that I got tonight. We should take about 20 classic films, like Cocteau's Orpheus and The Seventh Seal and Lawrence of Arabia and splice shitty Raymond Burr footage into them to make them into Godzilla movies. We can use Tonight Show appearances, etc.

I want to go out into a meadow with a big fat book and a jug of lemonade and never come back. I'll take you with me if you'll bring a book too.
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