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Tonight we will test the hypothesis: It is possible to sweat to death

The office today was in a state of sleep deprivation and class rage. I hope things get better. When you make programmers and QA people do shift work for 3 weeks they get really ornery and a bit delusional.

According to Nick, the main branch library’s tenth anniversary is bizarrely going to be celebrated with the effervescent Huell Howser and an Australian grindcore sXe band. I have no joke, I just like saying..

After work and coffee tonight, went to help out J. with some linux/mysql/OS X trauma at his small company. It’s a beach-house dot-com with insufficient lighting, pizza on demand, and kind of a jacked-up network. Nice people. Whats-her-name the 15-year-old girl from Ruba hangs out there and plays solitaire and is sort of the company mascot. I like her; she’s sarcastic and withdrawn the way I was at her age.

I’m a cowboy, on this steel horse I ride.
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