The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Why I will never ever again write for small publications

In a nucking futshell, here.

Boy that brought back a flood of erm.. um.. memories. Yeah.

Specifically of trying to dun an "editor" named Yayva out of $75 and her not wanting to pay me because I spelled the name of someone wrong when that was the way it was spelled in the press kit. And being told that I had to pay to get into the show I was reviewing because "we need to keep the guest list spots for VIPs". And having to sit through 8 bands with names like Bloody Rosehips and Fyre and Jackass 101 to see the headliner to get paid $25. And interviewing such musical luminaries as "King" and the Unforgiven.

Okay. Whew. Better now, I think.
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