The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

last night everything BROKE

  • NO. I think I talked about this thing before. So repulsive. Matt Crouch is the Antichrist. First the Omega Code movie. Then the even worse Megiddo movie. Now.. “Christian Idol”. Someone please burn him at the stake kthx.

  • X was very, very good last night. Many thanks to the beautiful Cirivello Sisters for the tickets and VIP treatment and such. The band plays like it’s still 1980, with all the energy and soul that made them so great in the first place. Their fans are still a 50/50 mix of really cool punks and asshole frat boys. Lots of fights with bone crunching noises and people having a time out. Third encore was “Sugarlight”. If they come to your town and you ever liked any of their music, highly recommended. Hung out with the sisters and various bartenders, managers, and others for quite a while after the show and met some nice people. My ears finally stopped ringing today at about 3 pm. Mostly this was because of the screaming and whistling of the fans around me.

  • The Napa Valley (italian joint and bar next to the coffeehouse) is closing. This is mostly cause for joy in that it was a train wreck of a restaurant and the manager was always drunk and yelling. I hope they don’t put in something Even Worse there, like a liquor store or a place that sells velour track suits.

I have no sleep clock any more. I keep getting these 2 hour “Paxil naps” from which I awake soaked in sweat and dizzy. I woke up at 4 pm today. It’s getting old.

With the windfall from selling genericus my old camera I went to the Ralphs and bought foods, especially a few new hot sauces. I do like me some hot sauce. I got the Tabasco Chipotle, because I like Tabasco and I like chipotles. I also got some Cajun sauce that’s made with coffee and hot peppers. Let the grilling season begin!

How does it feel to have your own bottle of booze behind the bar?
How does it feel to play cards with the barmaids as they work
Dawn comes soon enough for the working class
It keeps getting sooner or later..
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