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Facts are stupid things.

Tonight I got a sandwich and fries at Wendy’s, which was gross but convenient (next to D’s).

There was this vaguely emo looking kid hanging around inside flipping his Zippo as I got my food and left. It was soon apparent that he was the friend or boyfriend of one of the employees who went on smoke break to talk to him.

He overheard us internerding about and yelled over something about “do you have stairs in your house?”

Of course we responded that pushing is the answer and that Grandma is safe at the bottom of the stairs. He broke out in the biggest smile ever and said NO WAY!! He was so happy that there were other internerds.

As he left he said “Glad to meet you! My forum name is Lowtax!”

I love my iPod. It shields me from Crazy Visor Guy. He trapped some friendly woman today and was airhorning in her face about LISTENING TO PRINCESS DIANA AND THE OTHER GOOD PEOPLE. I assume he was talking about Chemtrails or fluoride in the water or something. Poor bastard.

In conclusion, this guy needs a date.
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