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salvation holdout central

Seen recently:

  • A motorcyclist at a stoplight wearing a helmet that featured a full set of devil-style goat horns, top and bottom of the helmet. He was listening to death metal.
  • Yet another sighting of the "Snacks - EVERYBODY LOVES THEM" truck
  • Someone on wanting a crock pot for their home birth. (?!). Thanks brianenigma.
  • A documentary called "One September Day" about the Munich 1972 Olympics terror disaster. Really a must see for anyone interested in history. Lots of shockers; I wonder what we'll know in 30 years about the more recent September?
  • A brochure from the Post Office titled "Bombs by Mail" which looks like an ad for ordering them.

That should do it for today. I still want an iBook but I shouldn't, I shouldn't, I shouldn't spend the money, money, money. Mustn't. Really.
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