The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

my report

Death Cab for Cutie was really good. They're a bit self indulgent with the endless jams on a few songs but they basically deserve it. They're a really tight, talented band and he writes lovely songs. Or song. Basically there's the one song, but it's damned good, similar to the way the Smiths had the Fast Song and the Slow Song.

The opening act was "Plus Minus" and they need to be fired into the heart of the sun immediately. Ripoff of every Manchester band with a gooey, frosting-like layer of Radiohead imitation on top. Give it the fuck up, guys.

I was roughly twice the age of most of the people at the show. Teenagers are funny.

For reasons I do not understand there was a large ad display for a washing machine in the theatre. Are young guitar pop fans particularly avid consumers of household appliances? Is there a marketing synergy I missed?

The best songs were in 3/4 time. Maenad was fun to hang out with. Koreatown is more bizarre every time I go there. Cheese is made from milk.
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