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As I posted earlier, a local character I know robbed a bank and is in jail.

Bree (formerly Brian) is an odd duck who frequents my local hangout coffeehouse, and until recently was also a bagger at the local supermarket. She’s transgendered and wants the operation, and is chronically broke and works various bad jobs, or none at all.

Her obsession is Magick, of the Crowleyian variety. Any conversation with Bree will eventually arrive at a lecture on the failure of Judaeo-Christian morality and theology, the unity of Good and Evil, the power and beauty of the Occult, and some Crowleyan wisdom. She’s intelligent in some ways and can carry on a good conversation, but is narrowly obsessed on magickal transformations of various kinds. She’d spend ours at an inside table reading books with titles like “Modern Magick” (modern?) or “Practical Sex Magick”, etc.

Despite the fact that her philosophical and theological ideas gave me a sharp pain in the neck, I always got along okay with her. She was very pleasant and polite, always a big smile, and went out of her way to greet me and be pleasant all the time. As long as she wasn’t lighting incense all over the patio or talking my ear off about the Way of the Inner Something, she was okay.

I wonder what motivated this? I know she really, really wanted money for the operation, and there’s no way she was going to get it. Also, being unemployed for so long during and after the grocery strike couldn’t be fun. I just don’t get it though. She robbed a bank in her neighborhood, where everyone knows her, and then went home and waited, without leaving town or even throwing away the gun or hiding the money. She never seemed that dumb to me. Maybe she just snapped, or maybe she wants to go to jail?

The gun, too. You can rob a bank without a gun. And she never struck me as violent in any way.

Maybe the union of good and evil wasn’t such a smart idea after all. Or maybe she really, really lost it. Sad.
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