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After my date with tragedy, I'll let Aristotle take care of me.

He just wants talk-talk with the soft skin. I just looked right at the guy and said “Creepy! CREEPY!” until he left. You’ll find most people agree with my ideas given enough time, given enough time. She’s still in PTSD from walking in on him in the bathroom. He took the plugs out and his ears looked like.. you know.. GIRL PARTS. That ain’t Jamaican. I’ve been there and it’s FRENCH. F R E N C H.

Look, i’m 93 years old and he just said to get the water pill. It’s a terrible mistake to be stoic in that situation, and more people should complain, truly. I had a few friends who were into the Kennedy conspiracy thing, but no lizards or anything. Your instructions were very complete but each step had at least one mistake in it, so it was basically negatively useful.

I’d be happy
To be Jackie
I’d be happy
To be Jackie
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