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  • Karaoke when you’re stone cold sober is painful.

  • My new friend Francine is a multitalented superstar, and once again demonstrated this, this time with karaoke versions of “Fame” and “Xanadu”.

  • The sixty-year-old couple doing Berlin’s “Sex (I’m A)” have caused me to experience PTSD requiring extremely expensive therapy, and they will receive a bill.

  • Someone thought it would be funny to do “Baby got Back” to the tune of “With or Without You”, but it wasn’t.

  • Someone else did Ben Folds “Brick” and it’s not a karaoke song, not at all, nope nope nope.

  • The drunkest guy in the world was there, and had to be pushed back into his taxi twice to be sent home. He was hitting on people who weren’t there. He shut up and left when I told him to, though!

  • Hilarie did an “Air Hilarie” to about 2/3 of the songs, which was entertaining in itself.

  • The MC was very annoying. He was dressed a bit like Weird Al and apparently calls himself that, or something, and may in fact be a Weird Al impersonator. Which is enough levels of meta that it makes me want to become a comedian whose main shtick is that he’s a really bad Weird Al impersonator. Then someone else can make a movie about it, and then there will be an novelization of the movie, and

  • Hell. Hell is for children.
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