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The exact right type of person always seems to buy the Goofy hat with the ears

trinnit and I went to Disneyland today. I had expected a mellow day, forgetting that it’s still spring break for lots of people. It was a zoo. We did manage to do Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain, but that was about it. Disneyland is less organized and clean than it used to be. They’ve got a lot of corners. Pirates still has the magic, though. What an achievement that thing is.

This was my introduction to “visiting events with a person in a wheelchair” also. As Pete said, it’s worse than regular traffic! People are strangely rude to a wheelchair. If I ever end up in one, I’m going to mount swivel Taser guns on it.

Just as we got home, the doorbell rang. It was my neighbor Vishnu. He’s my age, and we’ve known each other since early childhood. He was, as usual, drunk and high. He loudly told me several times how much he loves me, and that he needs my mind because he wants to go into business. He’s still cutting meat at a local market. The guy is still a sweetheart but he’s so very very gone. It’s a heart breaker.

And now I am getting sleepy, very sleepy.

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