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Bennett’s Smut ‘n’ Eggs, Madison, WI. Breakfast all day and hardcore porn on four TV’s.

Description from local paper:

Wanna know Madison’s best-kept breakfast secret? One that lacks dressing but is drizzled with sex appeal? Try Bennett’s Smut N Eggs (416 S. Park St.). I had long been curious about just what happens inside of here, so I dragged two companions there one Sunday for plates of greasy food (hint: try Eggs Bennett-Dick - eggs, ham and smut sauce on a muffin for $6.25). Beverages (milk, juice, soda or coffee) are just a buck each. Our waiter wore a plastic hat shaped like an, ahem, anatomy that only men have and donned a white T-shirt displaying cows in various positions. Four televisions - all airing hard porn - hung above the bar and entertained a line of gruff, sloppily dressed men slouched on bar stools. Pink Floyd was blaring over the loudspeakers at about the time a pack of preppie college boys strolled in, proof that it’s a place for anyone.

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