The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

These sex vouchers are valid but not for the date you requested


In the near future, overpopulation and poor planning have caused a terrible housing shortage. Restrictive laws to deal with this situation have been passed. Not only are most people required to share housing, but bed-sharing is now mandated federally.

Due to fundamentalist fears of massive sex orgies, sex is now restricted also. Persons wishing to copulate must obtain sex vouchers (one per sex act) from a Federal agency. This was the compromise finally reached after years of alternating right- and left-wing administrations.

The result is that two of my housemates wish to have sex, and the rest of us are all okay with it and will give them the good end of the bed, but they can’t get the vouchers because of the bureaucracy. There’s a lot of mail going back and forth, and visits to government offices downtown, and long waits on the phone. At one point a housemate is going to the store and saying “If the sex voucher people call put them on hold and page me!”
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