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The Federal Government is not allowed to serve coffee.

I made thai curry for dinner tonight, and damn it was good. Potatoes, mushrooms, and chicken in curry coconut milk sauce. With basmati rice, and artichoke salad. Mmmm. Stupid perl script is still broken.

I let my bitterness out tonight and annoyed someone oops. Otherwise doing a bit better socially. I talk too much, though. I've been sort of "up" for a few days and the result is that I'm a yapping Muppet. That guy thinks he's Kermit but he's really Statler and Waldorf.

It was sort of funny watching loose_joints get buttonholed by one of the odder patio residents for her opinion about How to Survive Law School. When I figure out how to describe that scene, I will.

I met someone I thought was pretty cool the other day but I'm afraid to pursue it at all because the same thing happens every time, the same way. I open the door and everything falls on me and then slowly kills me like some dreadful mix of a Steve Guttenberg movie and Requiem for a Dream. I would like a new shopping cart, please: one that doesn't crash into the big pyramid of Ragu each time.

I'm sorry I shat on you, both of you. It's not much of an advertisement for my relationship skills, is it?

please send me evenings and weekends
please send me evenings and weekends
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