The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Silverlake is this decade's Laurel Canyon

Dinner with Russ & Amy and others in Silverlake. It really did give me that weird Laurel Cyn in the 70s feeling, like the Beach Boys might be hanging out with Charlie Manson next door. Hilly and semi-rural with hipsters run amok in houses with nice views.

We ate lots of noodles and thai curry and pr0k and good rice, and there was cake. They have interesting friends. They're all in the entertainment industry which intimidates me and sets off my "I'm not a cool kid" reflex, but they were smart fun nice people.

I met a woman named Max who is an eBay wizard and sells Tupperware. She was really cool. I saw the Replacements Let it Be vinyl album cover that Amy had stolen back from our college radio station when she visited there. It had the label we'd typed on it and all the DJ comments scrawled in sharpie all over it from almost 20 years ago. What a lot of memories.

It's odd, too, because these people know others that I haven't spoken to since I left the entertaining part of the entertainment business in 1987. Somehow Geoff Gans came up, for example. He was the production guy at the Reader when I was there; his handwriting was on David Lynch's "Angriest Dog" cartoons. He gave me lots of rides home. He had cool hair and liked cooler music than I did, and was in a cool band and in fact was generally way cooler than anyone. This hasn't changed (he does things now like produce the reloaded Velvet Underground albums), but what amazed me is this. They told me that he still has the same horrible 1970s 4banger Mustang that he gave me rides home with in 1987. It barely made it over the Sepulveda pass then. HOW DOES IT STILL EXIST?
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