The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Current mood: perianal

I just had a shrink appointment and it took a while to recover from it. A bagel helped. Good times ahead.

I'm not getting nearly enough done at work right now and that bothers me, so this weekend will be spent at least partly getting this perl script written properly. That should improve things.

There is something stuck in my left upper chest. Anyone got a long qtip?

Tonight I am driving into Los Angeles in about 15 minutes to see Russ & Amy, whom I haven't properly talked to in over 10 years. That should be worth the 2 hours of hell on the road, actually!

The Castroville Artichoke Festival's web page says very emphatically, on the home page, NO DOGS. Is there a known problem with dogs and artichokes, or dogs and harvest festivals? I am confused.
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