The American Caliban (substitute) wrote,
The American Caliban

Got it in the ribs every time I change gear

I spent almost the entire day fighting with a Heisenbug. My Powerbook’s hard drive started making that bad clicking and gronking noise that dying HD mechanisms do, although there were no errors in the log or anything informative at all. Today it did this a few times and crashed the machine hard. After doing some of the usual stupid human tricks to see if it was software-fixable I went off to the Apple Store and sat at the Genius Bar. The guy was very helpful but the problem had stopped in true Murphy’s fashion. Got to see mr_flippant for a bit which was nice.

So now I have to get it to do it again. I’m trying to figure out if something about the environment here at home caused the problem or set it off. How annoying! Grar.

The guy next to me was there with his 25-year-old daughter’s iMac which had died with her entire college career on it including the exam due tomorrow. No dice. He left to go to the place that charges thousands of dollars to do disk recovery.

I ate alone, as I always do, and watched people. My brain is a library of human experience, very little of it mine.

I feel like I cooked a meal for you and you never showed up because you thought you’d owe me for it.
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