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Geography via IRC

<brev> i think this might be a nice idea for logging but I'd be afraid to let the Programmer In The Next Cublice use it
<brev> Cubicle, even.
<ignatz> eww, cub lice
<brev> no, no, it was an italian dessert. Coo-BLEE-say
<ignatz> or a charming seaside resort on the Adriatic
<ignatz> known to the turks as Kubli'c, the Italians as Cublice, the Serbs as Kublice, and the Austrians as Kullenbach.
<brev> and the americans as "Cub Lice"
<ignatz> right
<ignatz> The English having called it "Cubbles" since 1803
<brev> and its fascist past is not nearly the big thing others have made it out to be
<ignatz> yeah, exactly
<ignatz> try the plum brandy!
<brev> glug
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