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You heard me! No abortion clinics on our nation's Moon.

I bought too many groceries today, including but not limited to: goat cheese; blueberries; stuffing sized portabella mushrooms; huge ripe OMG delicious tomatoes; and plastic bags. Good plastic bags, you know, brand name stuff.

The evening conversation was interesting. kaldame has inexplicably taken up knitting. J showed up and was very interested in my brain BIOS rebooting therapy and approved of it tremendously, and it was good to hear from another professional that this isn’t just some kind of Boopsian Pyramid Chakra nonsense. I shall be neuro-EMDR-reprogrammed into a very effective Mentat.

J’s room mate is socially maladjusted nearly to the point of psychosis. He attempted to simultaneously argue about: the validity of “labels” like “liberal” or “Christian”; the morality of abortion; the validity of words to describe anything; the existence or nature of God; the justification of eugenic murder of children whose lives are not turning out right; whether all women are “playing games” with him; and whether to go shoot pool tonight. I found it kind of fun but I can see why some people want to thrust their heads through a board after such a conversation.

I think I said “Whoa, there!” like Larry Wall about 8 times.

Confidential to Surprised in Costa Mesa: if your girlfriend is who I think she is, you should just up and start runnin’.
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